Pontillos History- 70 Years and Counting

In 1947 in the western community of Batavia, New York most people had no idea of what a pizza was. The Italian-Americans in the area, just like the many other ones in the U.S., brought their recipes and food culture to our nation. The popularity of this tomato pie, which had its origins in Naples, Italy grew rapidly. In a time before pizza chain restaurants popped up in every town, it was the Italian neighborhoods that brought pizza to the greater populace. Tony Pontillo, the co-founder of the original Pontillos, quipped, “The popularity of pizza took off and the rest is history!”

Ronald Constantino worked for his uncle Sam Pontillo, another co-founder, at the original Pontillos in Batavia since 1974. In 1982 Ronald and Lynda decided to move their family of three: Jeffery; Brian; and Kristine to Cortland. They opened a small pizza shop, Pontillos, on South Main Street. Pontillos moved from South Main Street in 1984 to its present location on Groton Avenue.

Jeffery, Brian and Kristine worked along with their parents in the restaurant since they were young. While other children might be doing the dishes at home as a family chore, the Constantino children might be helping to clear the tables in the restaurant. Perhaps this is what created the family-friendly atmosphere that people in Cortland have come to know and love.

Jeffery (the oldest son) took over the restaurant in 2006, along with his wife Pimjai Constantino. They have enjoyed carrying on the philosophy of providing great food in a homey atmosphere, just as Ronald & Lynda did. Keeping the tradition of using the original hand tossed pizza recipe, and making homemade dough. You can always get award winning chicken wings, a Cortland favorite, as well as their many other delicious Italian dishes.

For 35 years the Constantino family is proud and honored to be a part of Cortland and they look forward to serving you for many more years.