We are pleased to announce that we now offer Integrated Online Ordering for your convenience.

Some of the positive features:

1. Advance ordering, you can place your order for later that day or for another day in the future.

2. You can pay online with your credit card for either a Delivery or Pickup.

3. You have the option to pay cash. 

4. Don't have to worry about busy phone lines.

5. You can take you time to build your order without the pressure of a busy phone call.  

6.  Reduction in order errors due to communication challenges.  

7. It's integrated with our POS system, orders are directly connected to our computer system.  This is important because most other systems of ordering online require the restaurant to receive a Fax(many issues with this), or a phone call (defeats the purpose, and who wants someone else to give us YOUR credit card number?)

8.Fun, easy to use.  


Please limit to the city of Cortland, additional charges may apply. 

Some menu items may not be available.

Cortland combo Special is not available at this time.

Some special requests may not be available.

Ready times:  Pick ups, usually 20-30 minutes, and deliveries are 45-60 minutes.  

Please Call us or Message if you have any issues. 607-753-3655 E-Mail 

Now that you read the above, are you ready to order? Thank You